We work in partnership to deliver four key products and services: The Daily Hazard Assessment (DHA), the Hazard Matrix, support to the UK’s National Risk Assessment (NRA) and Science Notes. Partners use their specialist knowledge to provide expert advice and information to feed into these services. By working together more useful, usable and used products can be developed in an efficient way.

Sample NHP

Daily Hazard Assessment

A daily, ‘at a glance’ overview of potential natural hazards in the UK


Hazard Matrix

A consistent way to assess the colour state of natural hazard impacts


National Risk Assessment

Evidence for government on natural hazards risks facing the UK

Science Notes

Short guides to natural hazards and their impacts

Natural Hazard Trump Cards

Print and play with your own pack of Natural Hazard Trump cards. The values on the cards are based on government advice, and unpublished NHP research. The cards provide a lighthearted overview of the hazards that we have an interest in.

NHP Trump cards 1

NHP Trump cards 2

NHP Trump cards 3

NHP Trump cards 4