RMetS/NCAS High Impact Weather Conference (Manchester 6th – 8th July 2016)

Members of our Hazard Impact Model group organised a workshop on hazard impact modelling at the conference. The aims were to introduce the concept of hazard impacts to the participants, inform them about the progress the Hazard Impact Modelling group has been making, and get their input and feedback.

The workshop consisted of an activity to elicit participants’ perceptions of natural hazards and impacts in the UK; a series of short presentations on hazard impact modelling, the Hazard Impact Model and the Hazard Impact Framework; and a structured discussion on six topics, including

  • Perception of hazards and impacts
  • Observations of impacts
  • Linked and compound hazards
  • The Hazard Impact Framework
  • Visualisation and communication of risk, and
  • The future direction of Hazard Impact Modelling

With around 60 participants the workshop proved to be a success providing valuable feedback and advice. The results of the perception activity are currently being analysed but will likely give some valuable insights in how experts and non-experts perceive the relative importance of natural hazards and the associated impacts in the UK. Many participants enjoyed the active nature of the workshop and engaged in a lively discussion.

“Very engaging workshop! Good to encourage networking & quite thought-provoking”.

“Format of discussion was really innovative and worked very well. Plenty of ideas shared”.

Two posters were also presented at the conference: one on the Natural Hazards Partnership and one on the wind Hazard Impact Models